Thursday, October 12, 2017

I wrestled an alligator......

Last weekend, I was in Hilton Head S.C. for a few days. The weather was absolutely perfect for October. This is what I've learned while walking on the beach....
I can wrestled an alligator and not get hurt. Here's how I did it! 
I wrestled an alligator at Hilton Head, sort of....Well, my shadow did.....Boy was I brave!

You find amazing things on the beach. One interesting thing that I was not expecting while at Hilton Head, was discovering a 13,000 lbs. buoy in the middle of Coligny Beach.  I did a little research and found it was the after affects of Hurricane Irma. The buoy, No 8 was washed from the mouth of Port Royal Sound about eight miles away. The Coast Guard is planning on removing the buoy at some point in the future by ship or helicopter, yes a heavy lifting helicopter.

Incredible pictures can be found at the beach, old buoy no. 8 makes a great back drop for a beach picture. Yep, that's me....

Humans and dogs love the waves! I met these "Beach Dogs" while strolling down the beach. There's no doubt that these dogs like the beach as much as I do! 

I've learned .....  "When Oysters Riot, you don't see it on CNN."

I've learned that the plume coming from a shrimp boat is often flying seagulls....

Here's the most important thing that I have learned while walking on the beach, "Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream."

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to identify older fishermen, Bobber Positions, Bobber Vacation, Cuss Worms.....

BaitRageous, trying to make bobbers fun, again! Wow, Fall is here and I need some new cartoon ideas. Anyway,  I've just added a few more cartoons for your enjoyment. I named them "How to identify older fishermen", "Bobber Yoga", and "Bobber Vacation".

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