Monday, October 28, 2019

Man Toy

I have ten acres with a creek on the back of the property. I call it the "Ten Acre Woods". It's very hilly and I haven't bush hogged the back area in a long while. I purchased this UTV to run around in the Ten Acre Woods and travel to the creek. is so grown-up, I am having to cut, chainsaw, and bush hog, a trail to the creek.

I feel like Lewis and Clark attempting to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean, except I'm trying to make it to the creek about a 1/4 of a mile away. You know what the good thing is? I haven't encountered any indians.....but that might have been interesting!

Anyway, I purchased the Prowler 500 which is the same as an Artic Cat. Both models are now owned by Textron who also makes the Bass Pro Tracker 500.
We will see how this works out, but I must say that with 10 areas, a UTV will be fun. It is a 4x4 and can pull a 1,500 lbs trailer. 
In the future I will add some photos of the trail cutting process. Stay tuned.
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