Saturday, December 22, 2012

Look what Santa brought me!

You know that magical feeling when you were a child and it was Christmas morning, you woke with excitement and ran to the Christmas tree to see what Santa had brought, the amazement, the fun and the magic. You couldn't wait to unwrap and start playing with your new toys. Well, as adults most of us have lost that special feeling. Guess what, I got mine back!!!!! It came in the form of a Canon iPF8400 wide format print for the studio.
Oh man, how much fun is this going to be. I will be able to print 44" wide and 59 feet long in my studio, yep I said 59 feet (less going to an outside printer). My old Epson printer could print 17"x 37" and will now be dedicated to fine paper prints with the Canon for fine canvas print. This will surely be great for LeoLakes Treasure Maps and Baitrageous. I cannot wait to put a little creativity with this new printer and see what turns up.
The printer weights 315lbs and it took 5 of us to move it in. I also have a new computer coming that is being build by a friend to handle the new demands. It's a real hot rod computer with all the new gear. I will be able to spread more enjoy with my treasured maps in 2013. It's fun to do what you love!
Have a Treasured Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday and a Happy New Year!

As Always: "Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream."

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