Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tree Fisherman!

While in Florida, I took a great photo of a fisherman high in a tree. Well, not a fisherman that you may be thinking about, but an osprey, which is known as the fish hawk. You can often see osprey's flying over bays looking for fish to catch.
I spotted this osprey near where we were staying and used my 300mm lens to get a good photo. As you can see, the osprey has caught something and is having lunch.
Looks like he/she has caught a sheepshead fish. Interestingly the sheepshead is often called the convict fish because of the black and white strips on its sides. This convict didn't escape the sharp talons of this osprey. Everyday this bird would catch a fish and have lunch on the same tree. It was always a sheepshead, I wondered why? Did this bird prefer sheepshead or was it because they were easy to catch. I don't know, but they are good tasting fish.
Check out these talons. They look just like hooks and there's four on each leg. These are better than a Alabama fishing rig.
What does this osprey do at night? It roosts in the same tree that it has lunch in. Well, this one did anyway. I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful birds.
Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!

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  1. Red Lake in the summer, there is a resident Osprey that we see quite often. He tends to catch more fish than we do.