Monday, October 28, 2013

It's not a Blazer!

It's not a winter coat, blazer, tweed jacket, nor leisure suit. It's not bright orange and doesn't feel like two pillows  tied to your chest. You don't sweat like a pig in warm weather while wearing it and you can actually move around comfortably. What is it? It's a new Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket that my wonderful wife purchased for me on our anniversary. Oh yeah, it's our twenty-something...
It's made by Onyx and she purchased it at Sports Academy for $79.99. I was able to use it last weekend on a kayak fishing trip.
Interestingly, the left side opens via Velcro to reveal the value, auto water sensor, Co2 air cylinder and manual inflate handle. You must change the air cylinder every 3 years.
I have standards that are important to me in life jacket design. One, they work and save my life, two the comfort level while wearing them.

Now, I have not water tested the vest, so I am taking a leap of faith that it will perform when I fall in the water, but it is U.S. Coast Guard Approval and a lot of folks are using them. So, I think it will work, but I wonder at what point does it inflate, before or after your head goes under? I will let you know about this at a later date. 

I have tested the comfort level during a 4 hour kayak trip and I must say that it was the most comfortable vest that I have ever used. In fact, I actually forgot that I had the vest on. Now that is a comfortable vest! If you are around the water a lot, then you may want to purchase an auto inflatable vest, too. Ladies, it would make a great gift for the man that loves the water!
Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream.

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  1. If it's Coast Guard approved you shouldn't have any problems should you take a swim any time soon. I have a PFD/Vest that tends to push under my chin when sitting in the float tube. Yours would work better.