Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hook-less fishing, catch more and larger fish!

Have you ever reached way back to the edge of the fridge, searching under the frozen peas and corn to pullout that package of frozen trout. You didn't know it, but you just Hillbilly Hand-fished, sort of.

Now, visualize yourself wading waist deep in a river, reaching your hand below the water, into holes and under rocks feeling for fish. This is the exciting, hillbilly hand fishing. This recreational activity is taking the country by storm. I bet you didn't know that you can actually hire a hillbilly hand-fishin guide? Yep, he or she can show you the best location, appropriate technique and dress. Yes, Hillbilly Hand-fishing has technique just like trout fishing, but please, only use a guide certified by the Hillbilly Hand-fishing institute. Think how fun it will be going into Orvis, Cabel's or Bass Pro and shopping for the latest hillbilly handfishin outerwear, overhauls.

Believe it or not, hillbilly handfishin is the only "natural way" to catch fish because there's no bait used, so no animals/worms are harmed, ”The all Natural Caught Fish!” In fact, "Hillbilly Handfishin caught fish", may be coming to a health food store near you. Imagine a trip to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's to pick-up some "All Natural Caught Fish" for that important dinner party. Think how impressed your friends will be. They'll likely say that it's the best tasting fish that they have ever eaten.

Here's a few the new bumper stickers: 

Hooks are for cheaters! Hillbilly Hand-Fishing.

Hillbilly hand fish, your worm will love you!


Don't buy no hooked fish! Hillbilly Hand-Fish

Fish naturally, go hook-less, Hillbilly Hand-Fishing

Hand over hook! Hillbilly Hand-Fishing.

Don't just fish, Hillbilly Hand-Fish.

Save a minnow! Hillbilly Hand-Fish.

Oh yeah, for the real adventurer there's "saltwater hillbilly hand-fishing" and to get your blood really pumping, try "shark hillbilly hand fishing " Guaranteed to be fun and you may be able to do it hand-less after a few times! Unfortunately, Hillbilly Hand Fishing is frowned upon by some folks. In fact, it's become so popular, signs are going up everywhere to ban this sport.  

Hillbilly Hand-Fish, THE ONLY NATURAL CAUGHT FISH!!! Be lookin for 'em in a store near you! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you are in need of a beautiful vintage style lake, river or bay decor map, check-out my website They make a great Gift!!!!! 
Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream, or at least put one on your wall! 


  1. I did a post on this back in May 2011. It was originated by a bunch of Oakies and is called Noodling. Take a look:

    Not something I plan on doing anytime in the future or at all. m

  2. Yeah, some folks call it noodling, but hillbilly hand fishing works so well for the humor. Also, I believe there was a show on A&E a few year ago that was called hillbilly hand fishing.