Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Outrageous Turtle

Wow, this Oklahoma angler got a huge surprise while fishing for catfish on Eufaula Lake. After a struggle, he and a friend pulled in this massive alligator snapping turtle weighting in over 100 lbs. Believe it or not, he caught this large turtle on a rod and reel. Amazingly, the largest alligator turtle ever caught weighted over 200 lbs, now that's a outrageous Turtle. After the photo op, the turtle was released unharmed.
How old do you think this turtle is? Well, they say that there's no reliable way to determine the age of turtles, but I bet that this is a fairly old turtle. I did a little research and found that male snapping turtles live up to 45 years and females up to 37 years in the wild. They have been known to live up to 70 years in captivity.  It is fascinating what one might catch while fishing. When I was a child, we caught an alligator snapping turtle on the Duck River in Tennessee. It was a 50-70 pound turtle and had moss covering some of its shell. I was amazed. It was like seeing an alien creature and I was very curious. After we checked the turtle out we released it back into the waters of the Duck.

Interesting, here's a decor map of Eufaula Lake that I painted.
I paint river, lake, and bay decor maps and hide things in the waters. I don't hide snapping turtles, but I do hide a tiny mermaid/fish in the waters of all my lake map paintings that folks love to search for. I call my maps treasured maps because most folks have that special body of water that they treasure. These maps make great gifts for the lake house owner, lake lover, or fisherman. I have over two hundred on my website that can be purchased right from the site, or I can do custom and personalizes lake, river or bay maps, too. If you would like to see more and read about my treasured maps go to
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