Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hopefully, make grandpa smile from ear to ear!

It seems like I'm an Elf in Santa's workshop with all the Christmas maps that are being worked on. The studio is a little messy, but enjoying it! Check-out the email that I received below. I hope I can put a big smile on grandpa's face!

"This map is for my grandpa. Please work your magic and include all of your amazing art (fish, mermaid, geese, plane, heron and eagle) that would make grandpa smile from ear to ear when he receives this for Christmas.  Also, my brother is an Apache pilot in the US Army, not sure how hard it would be for you to add a small helicopter (it can be a simple model of any kind) somewhere close to the property...if that's too much to ask for I completely understand.  Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Happy holidays to you and your family!"

Oh yeah, this is my studio during this Christmas seasons. Happy Holiday's!

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