Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's a county song "Who plowed the road?"

Here in Tennessee the weather has been cold, with rain, sleet and snow. The schools have been closed for the last five days. In fact, my wife is a teacher and has been home for the week. Our road has been covered with snow for the week because the city doesn't do any snow removal. There's about 2" of ice that's under the snow cover.

Around here, the local country folk will take things into their own hands by snowplowing the county road. I think it's called good old self sufficiency, being able to maintain oneself without outside aid. 
Love that John Deere green, however I have a Kubota. There's nothing like living in the "Ten Acre Woods". Stay warm my friend!

Checkout my maps:

"Life is short, reduce screen time and increase stream time, get on a big stream."

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  1. Kind of looks lake Bob (I plow for fish) on his big John Deere.