Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kayaking Sycamore Creek

My daughter and I, kayaked a creek near our home a few days ago. The night before, there was a big rain and the creek was up a bite. Even with the extra water, the creek remained a lazy creek and perfect for a new kayaker like my daughter, Sarah.

I didn't get a chance to fish much, but wildlife viewing was easy. It seemed that a majority of critters were out enjoying the sunshine after the rain.

This creek is called Sycamore and runs into the Cumberland River, near Nashville. I didn't see many Sycamore trees.

I noticed that there are lots and lots of turtles! You know, every time that I see lots of turtles, I don't catch many fish. What's up with that? Is it me?

Every waterway around here has a family of Canadian Geese. A lot of folks run them away because the mess that they create on their lawns. Beautiful birds, but they do poo on everything!

Not a bad photo of a hawk! Think about it, I quickly took this photo from a kayak during waves when the hawk was straight overhead. Lucky, I didn't fall out of the kayak.

This used to be a train bridge, but it has been converted to a green-way bridge. In fact, we run this green-way and the view off the bridge is very nice.

The trip must come to an end as Sarah paddles down the creek with a paddle, as opposed to being up a creek without a paddle!

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  1. Nice to see the PFD. Saw a lot of yakers this weekend without.