Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When you can't fish, what to do?

When fishermen can't fish, most turn to BOBBER PORN....Yes, fishermen view bobber porn, especially in the winter!! We just got an email from a fellow fishermen who is now having dreams about bobbers, big red and white bobbers. He is asking if there's a "Bobber Anonymous Meeting" near him. Bobber Porn is real. It not only effects men, but women too! An email from a lady named Marge, shows just how the opposite sex is effected. Marge went fishing with her husband and from then on, her life was changed. Marge's kitchen was decorated with chickens, but not any more! Bobber porn is everywhere. There's bobber wallpaper, a bobber cookie jar, bobber refrigerator magnets, bobbers everywhere. Marge's husband said that he is enjoying Marge's new addiction because he has noticed that she is much more "Floatatious."  Be Cautious, please don't tell your non-fishing wife or husband that you have been viewing Bobber Porn, or they may consider it cheating and will not understand. I bet that after viewing these beautiful bobber babes below, you will go running out to get your rod! Be careful, don't trip over something. Enjoy, but remember: "Don't just Bait, Baitrageous!"

Old Bobber Quote: It's not what's behind the bobber, it's what's below the bobber!

Bob-ber-lici-ous : adjective, fishing fun

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