Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fishing in a Cemetery.... Sort of?

Have you ever fished in a cemetery, thought not? Well, I have, sort of. It all started last weekend when my wife and I traveled to Huntsville Alabama for a little family history genealogy. We ended up in a very large cemetery searching for my great-grandmother's grave site. Luckily, the cemetery provided a map which showed which section the grave was located. Me knowing maps, I thought finding this grave will be a piece of cake, wrong! After going back and forth over the entire cemetery, I realized that I was struggling to find the grave. I stopped to get my bearing and noticed a rainbow trout..... on a headstone. It was almost as if I was fishing. I just had to walk over and investigate. Here is what I discovered:  

The inscription on the headstone was very interesting. My first thought after reading this --now that's a true fisherman! Apparently, this guy must have had some great fishing trips and caught some beautiful fish. I bet that this guy would have had some interesting story's and would have been a joy to talk too. I hope that he was judged to be big enough to keep! 

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