Sunday, January 21, 2018

Florida Fishing, sort of............

I was in Florida last week and discovered the best fishing hole ever! I was lucky to have my camera with me to document the catches. Obviously, this is not the kind of fishing that you are thinking of, but still fishing is fishing. I met a few new friends that were fishing from the shore. Mr. Bittern is shown here approaching the water line ready for a big catch.  

With in a second, a fish is near.....

and bang, Mr. bittern has the catch 

Hummm, looks like a shiner minnow. That will go well in the sunshine. Yum, yum!  

Here's another friend nicknamed "Sandpiper". Oh, looks like he has something. Got to get a closer look.......

It's a crab! It's not bad to have crabs sometimes.......Looks delicious !

Not a bad five minutes of fishing.

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