Saturday, August 4, 2018

I give thanks to this creek......

Our ten acre woods has a creek on the back of the property. I got to wade down our creek last week with a biologist. Yeah, my daughter is a biologist. We use to wade this creek when she was a little kid, looking under rocks for crayfish or salamanders. Once she caught a crayfish with big pinchers and it pinched her on the hand, she just cried, but that didn't stop her fro  catching whatever was under a creek rock. 
It's amazing how the impact of wading a creek has on life. She is a third year Phd student in biology at the University of Georgia. 
It's a beautiful little creek with all kinds of life including this salamander. The creek is named the South Fork of Sycamore creek. I can see why they call it Sycamore Creek because of all the sycamore trees that line the banks.
The water is fairly cool on this hot summer day. Check-out the clarity of the water.  She noted that it appears to be a healthy stream. It's cool what you spot while wading. We found this box turtle wandering the woods, probably looking for a mate. 
Lucky for my daughter, she won a National Science Foundation Grant that pays for her Phd schooling.   
I must say, I give thanks to this creek........

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