Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Lure Head Shot

One of my fishing buddies, Buttermilk (As I call him) was fishing on a River this weekend when he sent me a picture that reminded me of one of my cartoons. I wasn't able to go on this trip because of my daughter's high school graduation, but it looks like it was somewhat eventful.  Hide the children, this is ugly.

OUCH! Is the best word to describe this situation. It appears that Buttermilk cast his lure up in a tree. While yanking the the lure to retrieve it, the lure came zooming down and tail hooked his cranium like a F-16 landing on an aircraft carrier. Oh yeah, Buttermilk did serve in the Navy. Anyway, that's going to leave a mark.  
Looks like Buttermilk is going to get a tetanus shot. I never have gotten a head shot from a lure, but I must admit that I have had one hooked in my hand. You know, you get a weird feeling when you realize that you have something attached to you that doesn't belong. In the photographic world this photo would be called the head shot or money shot, but I call it "The Lure Head Shot!!!!" 
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  1. If you've been a fisherman for any length of time, you're going to get hooked, somewhere. Last one (note I said "last" one) was through a finger while the fish was on one of the other hooks. The more the fish flapped, the deeper the hook sank in my finger.

    1. I've been hooked a few times. One time, as I was removing a fish, it flipped the bait right in the meat on my right hand and it wasn't even a keeper. Nothing like being hooked......