Tuesday, October 9, 2018

There she was, looking stunning.......

There she was in the middle of a crowd looking stunning. I hadn't seen her in five years. I was lucky to stumble upon her while on a historic homes tour by the lake. She Looked beautiful in her barnwood frame and surrounded by others trying to gain her attention.....

Never have I come upon one of my maps hanging in a business or home by accident. I knew that at some point, it was going to happen and it did. My wife and I, were touring historic homes near a lake that we live near and as we were touring a beautiful lake home, there it was. I noticed it right off and was drawn to it. I could see that the owner really valued the map by how it was placed with the other art, it was hanging in the middle. It is a weird feeling to have something that you have created, and you see it after five years, and it is obviously valued by the owner.

The owner was so happy to meet me, she even wanted me to sign the back of the map and date it. Feels good to see your art valued by others.....Leolakes.com

Check-out my maps. They look great hanging in your home, lake house or office. Makes the best Gift! I have beautiful lake decor map of your favorite lake, which will look perfect above the fireplace. I even do custom maps of your favorite lake, river, or bay. LeoLakes.com
Unlike most maps, There’s a tiny mermaid hidden in the waters which folks love to search for and some say she moves around! You'll love the waterfowl which are hand painted (touched up) on the canvas prints to give that original look and each map is hand signed by Leo. For a personal touch, you can even add a small star to the location of your lake house or special place and add a few words such as "Evan's Lake House, Est. 2014" or be creative. The signatured Ruby Meridian, waterfowl and vintage plane have a story that’s included in the signed Certificate of Authenticity.  Leo Lakes treasured maps will make a cherished gift for that special someone. 

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