Monday, December 24, 2018

Fresh Fishing Flies.....

Today, I looked back six years ago to see what I was posting. It's kind of interesting to look back a see how my posts have grown or digressed. I found this post that's about the "Great Blue Heron Fly Company". A fictitious, but  humorous company. 


What is the best fly to fish with? This question has been asked by every fly fisherman since the first fly was wet by water. Well, the answer is the freshest fly of course. The Great Blue Heron Fly Company definitely have the freshest flies. You just don't get any fresher. Check it out. 

Great Blue Heron Fly Company...The freshest flies, plucked today, flies tomorrow...
We grow our own feathers and pluck them too, OUCH. We tie our own flies, so you don't have to. Better feathers, better Flies! It's not about the tie, it's about the fly! Plucked today, flies tomorrow. A superlative Fly. Buy one, get one for the same price. Here's our advertisement.

Since fishing is a little slower in the winter time a little bait humor goes a long way. Hope you enjoyed and remember, Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream. Adventure Outdoors!

Well, that's pretty much what I was posting six years ago. I don't put nearly as much work in my post now, but I am going through a bobber stage. That is, if you have been reading my posts, you will understand. 

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