Sunday, April 28, 2019

I made my business card special, I think.....

I finally got real business cards! It took me a long time because I was never satisfied with graphics that I came up with. Fortunately, I kept trying and this is what I came up with. I like it because it's a small treasured map. The colors pop and I've placed some interesting things around.  

I think the geese are kind of neat with the shadows The star at the lake house gives you an idea that the map can be personalized without actually saying it. 

If you look real close, you can find fish jumping in the waters. I think that it's a pretty cool business card! Hey, do you like to paddle? Paddle over to and see some great treasured maps of your favorite paradise.

Unlike most maps, There’s a tiny mermaid hidden in the waters which folks love to search for and some say she moves around! You'll love the waterfowl which are hand painted (touched up) on the canvas prints to give that original look and each map is hand signed by Leo. For a personal touch, you can even add a small star to the location of your lake house or special place and add a few words such as "Evan's Lake House, Est. 2014" or be creative. The signatured Ruby Meridian, waterfowl and vintage plane have a story that’s included in the signed Certificate of Authenticity.  Leo Lakes treasured maps will make a cherished gift for that special someone. 

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