Friday, July 19, 2019

It's the Whale, It's the Whale, It's all about the Whale....

I traveled to Alaska in June and spent seven days cruising the inside passage. I got to see and photo some beautiful whales. It was amazing and they were pretty common along the inside passage. I mostly saw humpback and beluga whales. Many of the whales were traveling with their baby. Both the mom and baby stayed close together. Once you saw their tail come way out of the water, you learned that they were diving deep and it could take 15 minutes or more before they resurfaced. I watched for the blows, which was in spray spout to indicate that they had surfaced. Sometimes, if the lighting was right, there would be a rainbow around the spray. I will say that this was an Ahh.....moment. If you have never been to Alaska, I highly recommend it. Alaska is an absolutely beautiful place and I had a great time. Check-out these whale photos.

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