Thursday, February 11, 2021

A Lake Memory

I was working on a map of the Tennessee River the other day for a customer. It included the section of the river that shows Danville TN. As I was working on the map, I felt something different about this map. However, I just couldn't pin point why this map was special. I didn't finish the map that day and put it aside. 

The next day, when I started back on the map, It Hit Me, I've been here before! It was with my dad and a fishing buddy. I was twevle years old. It was early spring and we were in a bass boat fishing along the railroad tussel that extendes across the water near the Danville Ferry. We were fishing for catfish and using chicken livers, yes chicken livers. A very funny thing happened that day! 

As I was casting out, my juicy chicken liver flew off my hook and splat on the side of my dad's head, right above his ear. I watched the liver slowly slide down, stop and curl around his ear with juice running down. It was so funny, but I wasn't sure if I should laugh. However, my dad and his fishing buddy busted out laughing. It was so funny when he reached up and flung the bait into the water. It was a cool memory and it all strated with a "Treasured Map".  Remember: "Get away from the big screen and get on a be stream..." Paddle over to my website site, to see some beautiful Lake, River and Bay maps. 

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