Friday, March 5, 2021

Custom Lake Map

I did this custom lake map a few months ago. As you can see, it tured out beautiful. It is a very simple map with few landmarks or landmarks, but I added as much interest as I could to the map.

First, I added the waterfowl flying over with the shadows. The waterfowl and shadows give the map depth. Next, I added fish jumping and ripples in the water to make you wonder what happen near the ripples. I also added a few sailboats because there is a yacht club near. Lastly, I titled everything that I know about the area. I try not to allow the map to become too busy. Interestingly, I add a tiny mermaid to the waters for folks to search for. Her name is Lois.

For years and years, folks have been christening boats as an invitation for the water gods to bless their vessel. Hanging a LeoLakes Map in a lake house, is kind of like chisining a boat. So, hanging that map is a call to the water gods to bless the lake house. Lake House Christening!

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