Monday, September 27, 2021

Very smart birds

 Last week, I was doing what I love to do, being on a lake, river or bay. Anyway, I learned something. Do you remember the movie “The Birds”? Well, this ain’t it, but it's sort of like it....I was in Florida walking on the Venice pier. I caught this pigeon looking at me with big red eyes. 

I walked over to him and he looked down at the water hose.  Humm….I’m thinking he’s saying “turn on the water you fool, I’m thirsty! 

So I did. Yep, he was thirsty. He drank for about 3-4 minutes and flew off. That's one intelligent bird!

Later that day, I went to Mickey D's for lunch and proceeded through the drive. I got lunch and as I was driving out, there was an unexpected Ibis looking at me on a fence rail at the exit. 

I senced that this bird was there for a reason, begging for food. Check it out, he is looking straight at me....

As I pulled closer, he extended his neck. Obviously, this bird is begging for a hand out, too.

So, I tossed a french fry to him and he munched it down. I'm amazed at how smart birds are becoming. In a few hundred years, birds may be the most intelligent species...

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Just remember: "Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream".

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