Saturday, July 23, 2022


Hey, before I get in to "Baitoons", I wanted to shown my current project. It's a map Rathbun Lake. I bet you have never been to this lake? Rathbun Lake is 11,000 acres and is located in southren Iowa. Bald Eagles can be found at the lake, checkout the fly over by the bald eagle. 

Today on Baitoons, I focused more on humans and not so much on bobbers. I tried to figure-out which one I liked the best, But it's a hard choice. I think Marge is pretty funny....enjoy!

Obviously, a closet aquarium fisherman...

When mowing the yard is better than fishing...

I wonder if this is Marge's husband weeks later? Afer this mistake, He is in big trouble and I'm sure that he can keep his pole in the boat tonight...

Paddle over to my website, I paint beautiful lake, river and bay decor maps.

Folks are discovering that these decor maps are wonderfully unique gifts that become family heirlooms. I call my maps, treasured maps because most folks have that special body of water that they treasure. My treasured maps make a great gift for the fisherman, lake lover, or Lake house.

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