Sunday, April 8, 2012

The hook story (My fishing trip to Paris)

Several years back, I was lake fishing near Paris with some of my buddy’s. I caught a good size fish and as I was taking the fish off, he flung the hook out of his mouth and into my hand. Startled, I jerked back setting a hook deep in my palm. My buddy’s looked at it and said “oh that’s going to leave a mark, yank it out and put some worm dirt on it and keep fishing.” I used pliers and a knife to try and remove the hook, but while trying, I almost hooked my other hand. I thought, great if that happens I’ll be handcuffed by bait.  Yep, I was greatly embarrassed, but that’s fishing, right?

I decided it was going to take too much cutting to get it out, so off to Paris we went. When I arrived at the clinic there were other folks there. One had been on his tractor and a branch fell on him and another had been kicked by a cow. Oh yeah, I don’t want you to think that it was in the other Paris. It was Paris, Tennessee and the Henry County Medical Center because I was crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake.  Nevertheless, as I checked-in with the spinner bait hanging from my hand, the check in nurse said “So, you’ve been fishing?” I said “Yep” but thinking, well you know what I was thinking.

Anyway, in the exam room a new, young Doc walked in, looked at my hand and told the nurse to get the scalpel, we’ll cut it out. An older nurse told the young Doc, “around here I’ve never seen it done that way; most Doctors clip the hook to remove the lure. Then push the end of the clipped hook and the barb end will curve right back up and out with almost no scar.”  The young Doc took her advice and sure enough the hook came right out with no scar. Boy I’m thankful for nurses that speak up and young Doc’s that listen. Now, I know how to remove hooks the easier way, clip and push. Believe me; I will never forget that trip to Paris.  


  1. Glad it went as well as could be expected for you, Larry. Irregardless, I would rather still not have the experience, in Paris, or anywhere else!

  2. I'm guessing, "here's your sign" was something along the lines of what you were thinking when asked if you were out fishing! :)

    Not the funnest of experiences, but you learned something anyways! Now you can unhook yourself if it happens again! Glad it worked out!

  3. Yep it was a "here's your sign" moment! Oh well, I'm better prepared and have a funny story to tell.