Friday, April 20, 2012

A Wild Ride

This is not my usual comic about fishing, but one that I will always remember.  It all started when I allowed my sixteen year old to drive home from school. She has her learners permit and has been driving for the last four months, in fact so much that I had gotten comfortable with her driving. 

All was going well until we pulled into our driveway. We slowed to stop at the gate so I could get out and unlock it. As I was unlatching my seatbelt, the vehicle lurched forward into the gate and then crashed through, flinging both gates wide open. My SUV, which I call Goldilocks, hit the gate so hard the master lock bust open and was tossed in the air. 

I didn’t have time to think because as we went through the gate, I could see we were headed straight for a Shag Bark Hickory. Quickly leaning over, I grabbed the steering wheel and turned it toward me while screaming put the brake on. Luckily, we narrowly missed the Shag Bark but now we were headed down a very steep hollow that would easily put Goldilocks in a roll over. 
Again, I pushed the steering wheel to turn Goldilocks back up to the driveway while yelling “put the break on.” Now, we were headed back toward the drive and fast. My last thought was to grab the emergency brake which was in the middle of the console, but before I did, my sixteen year old finally put on the brake and we came to a halt. It took a moment for both of us to realize what just happened. As I looked at her, I could see eyes as big as a saucers welling up with tears. “I’m sorry, sorry, I hit the gas.” I said “We are lucky no one was hurt. This is a learning experience to make you a better driver, always remember it.” 
I got out and surveyed the damage. Goldilocks didn't look too bad, just a few scraps that will need repair, but I will need a new gate.
I got back in, put Goldilocks in 4-wheel drive and drove back in the drive. The sixteen year old hasn’t driven since, but I plan on getting her back behind the wheel soon. I’m not sure how Goldilocks is going the feel about it, but I'll take her to the car wash and give her a sponge bath and she will feel better.


  1. Maybe your daughter was just in a hurry to get into the house? Just kidding. I'm sure (having trained several children to drive) that his will not be the last.


  2. shoreman sent me, ill check back often

  3. Everyone survived and some day you will have a laugh about son had four accidents the first month he got his license. We now rib him about it and everyone gets a laugh (including him).

    Mark told me about your blog.

    1. Yep, I need to savor the moments because she will be the last to train.

  4. Happily, no one was injured, except maybe for your daughter's pride. However, like you said, she should understand that this experience was more about handling a situation while driving. She will be fine, and, encourage her to get back in the saddle so to speak.

  5. It was a wild ride and this will make her more careful. I will get her back in the drivers seat soon. She is the last that I will train and is already the most memorable.