Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Custom Lake Maps

Have you ever wished that you had a decor map of that little lake you live or grew up on. Well maybe not, but there are a few people that really treasure those small lake gems. Here's one such lake, Suncook Lake in New Hampshire located just below Lake Winnipesakee.
Most folks personalize these lakes by adding photos, poems, cherished locations and special notes, which is the plan for this map. The best part of painting these little lakes is talking to the customer about personalizing their treasured map. You can feel the love for the lake as they discuss those golden memories and how to display them on the map.

I too have a special lake (actually a river), in fact, that is how I started painting rivers, lakes and bays. If you are a lake lover or need a gift for a lake lover, and want to create a family heirloom, then checkout my website at www.LeoLakes.com

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