Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do you love your SUV?

Do you love your SUV? Goldilocks is my 1999 SUV and has been in the family for 12 years. She's been my fishing buddy, kayak hauling, camping partner and all around family mover. After 248,317 miles, its time to retire Goldilocks. Over the years, she has become a loved family member much like a pet. Goldilocks has been with us on many an outdoor adventure, from the Everglades to Yellowstone and even Canada.
Both kids learned to drive under Goldilocks watchful eye, keeping them safe, even when one crashed her through a gate. I've been babying her along for the last few years because I haven't found a new vehicle that I liked better, "Goldilocks is just right". Well, the time has come! So long Goldilocks, its been great!


  1. Not an SUV kind of guy, but my pickup will die one day and it will be like losing a child. We've been through a lot together too.

  2. I'm a pickup kind of guy too and have owned a few, but have come to need a SUV'S to haul people. I do have a trailer for the other stuff.