Monday, June 10, 2013

Buttermilk Fishing!

About two weeks ago, I went fishing with Buttermilk my fishing partner on Old Hickory Lake. As you can see from this picture, Buttermilk has a new boat. 
Not really, this is a boat just passing by. We were fishing from our kayak's.

The water was very calm and the temperature was in the upper seventies.

We started out plugging the bank, but nothing big was biting. Okay, Buttermilk caught a bream and check out that grin. You would think that he caught a 10 lbs bass.

As normal, fishing gets slow and I start taking pictures of the wildlife. This is a turtle line dance. 

Anyway, we switched to a trout magnet in order the catch a few more bream. These bream are fun to catch, but small.

If you look closely this turtle is doing his dog act. Lifting his rear leg. I think he's really enjoying the sun but you never know.

Another bream by Buttermilk.

 The last photo of the trip. A picture of Old Hickory Dam and Lock. "Hey, GET AWAY FROM THE BIG SCREEN AND GET ON A BIG STREAM."


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