Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tybee Island Crab

Amazing! You will be really surprised by what followed us back to our beach chairs on Tybee Island. Well first, lets begin at the start. 

A few weeks ago, my wife and I spent a few days at Tybee Island South Carolina. Tybee Island is near Hilton Head and is a nice change because it's not as large and well known. However, the island is a great place to spend a few days, great food from mom and pop restaurants, and there are very few chain restaurants, which is a plus. The island has a nice beach that's a sure relaxation highlight. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do any fishing, but I did hear that the fishing is really good. 

I always like to go adventuring while on vacation to discover what needs to be discovered. We stumbled upon this boat dock which made a beautiful picture. 

Interesting, the beaches are very wide at low tide and almost completely disappear at high tide, much more than other beaches that I've been on.  

Shark Attack! 
Dang it, wife was eaten by a shark. I hate that!

We visited the lighthouse on the island, but for some reason they were filming a Viagra commercial. I'm not sure why they would be filming a Viagra commercial here?

I saw more critters on the beach than any other beach that I've been on. Critters such as crabs, stingrays, dolphins, jelly fish, etc...  In fact, while walking on the beach we met a new friend. His name is Herbie. No, he's not the white Volkswagen Beetle in the Disney movie. He's Herbie a Horseshoe Crab. 

Believe it or not Herbie followed us back to our beach hangout. Now, the wife wants to keep Herbie. I told her "okay we can keep him, but you have to take care of him". My wife is a teacher and her plan is to show him to her class. The only problem is how do we take him home?

Just to get this story straight and not get folks to excited, I must mention a few things. First, Herbie is only a shell and there's no living animal inside. Second, I don't believe a Viagra commercial was being filmed at the lighthouse. Third, I often try to be funny while blogging, hope you enjoyed. Lastly, checkout the vintage style maps that I paint. 

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Remember: Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream.


  1. If you take Viagra, you can drive your 4x4 pulling a horse trailer and get it stuck in a mud hole while in 2 wheel drive, but you can pull it out using your horses in the trailer. So that tells me if you take Viagra there is something wrong with your brain. Viagra breaks all the rules of 4 wheel drive. One you don't stop in the middle of a mud hole, two why were you in 2x when you should have been in 4x. That surely takes care of your ED.

    1. Yep, marketing folks need to get outdoors more! I worked for a large consumer products company and on one of their ads, they pictured a fisherman holding his open faced spinning reel upside down. Also, once on a product they had a graphic with the fishing pole eyelets on one side of the pole with the reel on the other side. Not sure how you would fish with that. Lastly, one ad had a guy fishing out of a ski boat. I think these folks needed a real fisherman to advise them of fishing code 101!