Friday, August 22, 2014

Using a Raccoon as Bait?

Yes, this is definitely Raccoon bait, sort of! My daughter went to Japan during the first part of summer and brought me back this lure. 
I have to say that this is a most unusual lure. Who would have thought of a Raccoon with a piece of bread in its mouth as a lure. I wonder what type of fish will be interested in this lure. On my next fishing trip, I will find out. I'm sure my first cast will be straight up in a tree, too far to fetch and another lost plug.  Yep, that's what will happen. 

Actually, this lure is modeled after a cartoon character in Japan, "Rascal the Raccoon." It's kind of like having a Disney character like "Goofy" and making a "Goofy" lure. Pretty dumb if you ask me. Of course it would be funny if someone asked.... What kind of bait did you catch the lake record on and you answer, It was Goofy bait!  

I'm a purest when it comes to bait. I think artificial bait should be bait that fish would actually pursue in real life. It's just not right using a fat little artificial raccoon with a piece of bread in its mouth as bait. Okay, yes you can catch fish on non-traditional bait such as those little beer can baits etc... However, this thing would look better on a key chain. But.....................we shall see on my next fishing trip. I will likely catch a lake record called an Oak!

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"As I look over this lake, The most amazing scenes appears in its wake,
The sun arises just above the shore, Giving grace and beauty to this place that I adore." LKO


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