Monday, September 22, 2014

Stunning technique on how to win fishing tournaments!!

Is winning six fishing tournaments in a row skill or luck? Surely it's called complete dominance, right? Well, two men in Alabama have found the secret to winning fishing tournaments. Here's their stunning technique. It's real simple, just use previously caught trophy fish and slip them in at the tournament weigh in. Now that is skill! Here's the rest of the story.

Tournament anglers become suspicious when two tournament fishermen won six tournament in a row. Anglers informed conservation officers about the uncanny luck of the two fishermen. The officers conducted an investigation and determined the two were keeping previously caught fish and using them at the weigh in. They were found guilty of theft by deception and tamping with a sporting event. The two men will spend 30 days in the slammer and will pay $1,000. Also, they will serve two years on probation, preform 400 hours of community service, and have their fishing licences revoked, along with being banned from future tournaments. As you can tell, these are some really skilled fishermen, what dummies.

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