Sunday, November 16, 2014

What are Tidal Bores?

What are Tidal Bores? Bugs, holes, caves... nope, but they only happen in a few places on earth, one of these being Turnagain Arm near Anchorage. It's the most interesting feature about Cook Inlet, but more about that later. I just completed a new map of Cook Inlet located in Alaska and did a little research to learn more about it. The inlet stretches for about 180 miles with Anchorage located near the north end.

There are two active volcanoes located near Cook Inlet, Augustine and Mount Redoubt and an abundance of  oil and gas deposits around the Cook Inlet basin. Many oil platforms dot the land and seascape.

Interestingly, Beluga whales can be seen in the inlet. Its been determined that these are an isolated stock that are genetically distinct and are on the endangered species list. As you can see, there's a lot of interesting features on Cook Inlet, but to me, the most interesting is Tidal bores. A Tidal Bore is a large wave, up to 10 feet high, or many waves. They move down an inlet, such as the Turnagain Arm in Alaska. Unlike common tides that happen over a period of time, Tidal Bores happen quickly. The largest bores occur after the lowest tides, due to the large amount of water rushing back into the inlet. There are scheduled times each day to see the bore. Tidal Bores only happen at a few places around the world.

Folks actually surf on the incoming bore, but I bet it's a bit chilly. The best place to see a Tidal Bore is Beluga Point. If you are ever visiting Cook Inlet, check out the Tidal Bore.

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  1. If I recall rightly, the Beluga Whale was the one they did that rescue a few years ago where they chopped holes every so often to get them to open water and I think they even made movie about it.