Friday, June 26, 2015

A most usual catch on a fishing pole!

Not long ago, my nephew was fishing at night on the Duck river in Tennessee. It was a normal warm summer night with bats flying around catching insects over the river. Apparently, one bat was having trouble with its radar or maybe it was joking with all the other little rodents with wings and may have said: "hey y'all watch this"

Anyway the bat ends up flying directly into my nephews fishing line that was stretched out over the water. Somehow the bat gets entangled in the fishing line and can't get free. Talk about an usual catch, that's the way you catch a bat on a fishing pole. This brings up a big questions. Is this a state record for bats caught on a fishing pole or the only bat ever caught on a fishing pole. Actually if you look closely, it looks as if the bat has the green fishing line in it mouth. I'm wondering if it thought that it was food? I'm not sure, but this is a unique story. Lucky for the bat, he was removed unharmed from the line and flew off like a "bat out of hell". I can just see his little bat buddies laughing and giving him a hard time. 

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