Monday, June 15, 2015

Fish sunscreen, Lake House home site, Alien Week

I've just finished a few more bait cartoons, yes bait cartoons. You may ask why bait cartoons? Well, it seems that the fishermen or fish always get the cartoon spotlight, so I decided to be the only person to focus on bait. Think about it, without bait no fishing or fishermen! Also, bait can be fun. Have you ever left your fishing worms in the refrigerator and your wife found them? Me either, because I hide them behind the the big jar of pickles. Also, don't just Bait, BaitRageous! Enjoy, 

Oh yeah, check-out my vintage style maps for the lake houseIf you have a special Lake, River or Bay, then paddle over to my website at We also do custom maps and personalized maps.

Remember: " Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream, if not, then at least put on the wall." 

Frame your Favorite, Lake, River, or Bay,

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