Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Making bait fun again!

BaitRageous, trying to make bait fun, again! Yep, that's what I'm trying to do with the BaitRageous Cartoons. I've been very busy lately, doing maps and working on bait cartoons. In fact, I've just completed fourteen new cartoons and I titled them "Bait Perspective". Here's the first, Bait Orgy?

It's kind of funny, but from this time of year until after Christmas, I am at my most creative. It all goes back to the sixth grade in Mrs Smith's room. You see, Mrs Smith noticed that I was creative and artistic, but not an English/Grammar master (due to a dose of dyslectic). Anyway, I ended up doing all kinds of holiday art, from Halloween, Thanksgivings, Christmas, to New Years. So, when this time of year comes around, my creative juices start to flow like sap from a tree. Thank You Mrs Smith! You will start seeing the sap (creative juices) all over this blog in the coming weeks. Remember: BaitRageous, making bait fun, again! "he he he".

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