Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Safari Trip, sort of....

I went on a safari! Well, probably not a safari that you are thinking about with elephants and tigers. However, I went on a low country "photo safari" in South Carolina, near Hilton Head. It's where a Professional Wildlife Photographer is the guide and tours you around a waterfowl rich area in a boat. I've never done this before, but found it well worth the cost. Not only do you see and take photos of some great wildlife, the guide talks about the waterfowl and assists you with your camera setup to help take the best photos. I added these photos to give you an idea and of course, I had to add a little creativity with the pelican print!   

I hope you enjoyed. If anyone is near Hilton Head and is interested in a photo safari, the photographer I used was Eric Horan. I highly recommend a photo safari and Eric Horan!  Oh yeah, here is one of my vintage style maps of Hilton Head that I do. Paddle over to my website,, you will like.

Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!


  1. Really cool pictures, especially the Ospreys.

    1. Ben, thanks for the comment. The Ospreys were just about ready to leave the nest. Beautiful birds!!!