Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Oh Deer....

Two days ago, I looked out of the window and this ten point buck was standing on the edge of our woods. I quickly took out my cell phone and clicked a photo. The photo is not very good because I was shooting through the window, but you can still see his large rack, which has that velvet cover, indicating that it's not completely matured yet. I ran to get my good camera, but found that it was missing the SD card. Unfortunately, I had to search for a SD card and I finally found one a few minutes later. It wasn't surprising, but when I was back with my 810 Nikon camera, the deer had moved on, but in the edge of the woods, I could see something moving....

With my better camera, I carefully left the house, down a path and behind a tree without being noticed. 

Peeping through the foliage, I could see another deer. After a few minutes, this deer stepped out into the open. It was a slightly smaller deer with a smaller seven point rack, not nearly as impressive as the last buck, but good for a photo shoot.

He looked directly at me, however I have learned that if you don't move a muscle, they can't see you. 

This buck must have thought that he was the object of a photo shoot for GQ Magazine because he gave me some great poses.

You may ask, why are deer coming to this spot in the woods? Actually, I have a salt block that's just below the foliage. You can't see in the photos. The salt draws the deer in like flies to honey. I use it to bring the deer in so I can take a few photos. Interesting, I have found that small creatures like the salt, too. When inspecting the block, I have noticed tiny scratches on the sides which appeared to come from mice.

Here's the last photo, however while writing this blog article, I looked back out the window and another buck was standing near the salt box. This new buck is the largest that I have seen near the salt block. I named him Mr. Buck and can't wait to put his photo in a future blog. Stay tuned.....

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  1. I should put a salt block at the far end of the yard and maybe the deer would stop eating my flowers.