Monday, November 7, 2016

Night Fishing, Missed calling, Mardi Gra

Here's a few more Bobber Cartoons! For some reason, I am in a black background kind of mood. My favorite cartoon is the Mardi Gra cartoon, because you just don't see bobbers doing this or maybe you do but, only at Baitrageous! Enjoy...

Paddle over to my website, I paint beautiful lake, river and bay decor maps. Folks are discovering that these decor maps are wonderfully unique gifts that become family heirlooms. Oh yeah, I hide things in the lake waters, such as a tiny mermaid/fish. Folks love to search for them. I call my maps, treasured maps because most folks have that special body of water that they treasure. My treasured maps make a great Christmas gifts for the fisherman, lake lover, or Lake house. 

As you can see, my maps make a great gift.  Orders are picking up during the holiday's, so order soon. Click here for more information.

Just remember: "Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream".

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