Thursday, June 21, 2018

A great misunderstanding

It was Saturday morning in 1967, I was a child, maybe about eight years old. My mom told me that it was going to be an exciting day. We were going to where they were building the new lake and we would be driving under the water where the lake would be. Boy did that excite me! I couldn't wait to get in our yellow 1965 Mustang and drive underwater, yes underwater. It would be just like the song " The Yellow Submarine". Well, not really, because that song wasn't released until 1969. A better visual is like the book "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". I dreamed of seeing huge bass swimming around and monster size turtles the size of Volkswagens paddling near, even better, ancient looking paddle fish with their long snout. My third grade buddies were going to be so impressed.

My dreaming came to an end as we loaded up the car and head toward the lake. The lake was to be named J. Percy Priest after a Tennessee Congressman. We didn't go near the dam for some reason. We headed to the back side of the dam were the deep water was. As we neared the lake, you could see some construction going on, mainly bulldozers with trees being pushed down. I remember seeing lots of open fields, but no water.

Finally, after an hour, I asked "when will we be going under the water?" My mom busted out laughing, she said "we aren't actually going under the water silly, we are going where the water will be in a few months, not under the water." I suddenly realized that I would see no huge bass swimming around or monster size turtles the size of a Volkswagen Beetle paddling near or ancient looking paddle fish with their long snout. It was a great misunderstanding and my third grade buddies where not going to be impressed. I was sad.   
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