Monday, April 29, 2013

Santa Rosa Island map

I just finished a painting of Santa Rosa Island located on the Florida panhandle. I've been to this area many times, fishing, vacationing and exploring. The white beaches are as white as sugar and the water is beautiful.

My father was stationed at Egin Air Force Base during WWII. When I young, we went on an adventure to Santa Rosa Island and the surrounding area. It was one of those childhood trips that I will always remember. Anyway, this decor map is of the east end of the island. I will post a map of the west end of the island at a later date with more about the adventure. See more of my decor maps at makes a great gift from 10x20 to over 4f tx 8ft.

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  1. My Brother spent time at Egin in the late 50's. Met my Sister-in Law there (she lived in Panama City). I'm sure they both spent time on Santa Rosa Island.