Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Deer

Spring has definitely sprung! My wife looked out our bedroom window and spotted these deer. I was lucky to get a few photos of this mother deer and her two off-spring. Both fawns were bedded down and one was still asleep, while the other was being cleaned by its mother deer.

Looks like both fawns are now awake. I was able to take about a dozen photos without them discovering me because I was using my long range lens. Oh yeah, I was taking the pictures from inside the house. Our home is western cedar and I think the animals think it's a tree, I am able to take alot of good animal photos.
Look at how comfortable these two are, not a care in the world, however Mom's starting to move on. Nap time is over!
Must be time to roam. If you look closely, the fawn on the left is still a bit sleepy.
What's in your woods, river, lake or bay! Adventure Outdoors!

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  1. I've found that if the deer don't have a reason to feel threatened, they will become almost tame. I can go out on the porch and actually talk to them and they won't run away. Then there is the one that comes up by the window in my wife's sewing room and watches what's going on.